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Gems Mart® brand of Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps gives your home and workplace a beautiful, healthy and relaxing atmosphere. Gems Mart® brand of Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand carved masterpieces and made of top quality Natural Himalayan crystal salt rock. Himalayan salt is rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is mined at the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Pakistan. Gems Mart direct source to salt mine and huge manufacturing facility and warehouse in Pakistan helps to pass on top quality and lowest price to our global clients.

Himalayan Salt lamps create negative ions through a process in which the salt is exposed to the heat of the lamp when lit and ionization occurs. The ionization process creates cleaner, calmer environment and purify the surrounding air by removing allergens and pollutions. Negative ions reduce the effects of Dust, Pet Dander, pollution, Odor, Radiation, Insomnia, Allergies, Sinus, Depression, Migraines, Anxiety, Fatigue, Colds, asthma and make the air smell fresher and healthier. 

Gems Mart is a manufacturer and global supplier of wide range of Himalayan salt lamps and several other salt products which exhibits the craftsmanship and uniqueness of highly skilled team. Gems Mart has offices, warehouses and customer support centers in USA, UK and Pakistan to support global operations.


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Obelisk Shape Lamp

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